uPVC Door Guide


In the United States, Canada, and UK, uPVC doors and windows remain widely popular, and many of the newer models are very sturdily built, rivaling wood in terms of life expectancy. When choosing from uPVC doors available in your area, be sure to do sufficient research. You should go and see the product you are planning to buy in person, and get familiar with the look and quality of things produced by that manufacturer. Some uPVC doors can have flimsy hardware or be put together haphazardly, while better ones can hold up for decades and can be made to look amazingly close to wood. UPVC has gained popularity based on its practicality and afford-ability, and is a decent decision for those looking for easy maintenance, or who want the look of wood at a lower price.

Why uPVC Is A Popular And Practical Choice

When you need to replace a door, think of the problems that you were faced with that make you wish for a new one to put in its place. If you have issues with warping and swelling after heavy rains, as is often the case for wood doors, excessive cold or heat transfer as can happen with metal doors, or if you do not like the look of the door you have, your issues may be solved with uPVC. This material has great insulating properties, and will not absorb water and humidity that causes warping. Doors made from uPVC are not vulnerable to termite infestation, and do not succumb to corrosion. They do not require much maintenance after installation, are lightweight, and are somewhat fire resistant.

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    • Choose The uPVC Door To Fit Your Home

      The best uPVC door will depend on where in the house the door is being installed. If it is to be a front or back entry door, security must be addressed. A door from the garage to the inside of the house can be more basic in terms of security and looks. Front entry doors designed to make a statement may be more appropriate than a plain, windowless door if you want to spruce up the appearance of your home. You can also get French doors if you desire to replace an aged French or sliding glass door. Most uPVC door manufacturers carry dozens of stock sizes, but if you need to have your door custom built it will add to the cost and time of replacement.

      Doors made from uPVC without windows or with small windows are best for security, as the doors themselves have high impact strength and will not fracture or splinter like wood. They come drilled with holes for standard size hardware, so you can choose the locks and bolts you want based on their strength and style. Most new uPVC doors come with the option to have energy saving tints or glazing done to any glass they contain, allowing for views without additional heat or cold getting into the room.

      Choose doors that have double layers for any panes of glass present, and for maximum efficiency, opt for argon gas between the glass layers.

      Average prices of new uPVC front entry doors can range from $300-$700. Be sure to allow budgeting for installation if you do not plan to hang the front door and remove your old one on your own. Look for installers reputable in your area, as there has been a trend of charging ridiculous prices to install uPVC doors that has been started by door to door salesmen. This seems to be a bigger issue in the UK at this time. If you do plan to install the door yourself, allow at least two days for the job, and be sure to have the necessary tools on hand to hang the door before moving ahead.