3 Unique Basement Window Designs You’ll Rarely See But Will Really Love


A basement window in a family home is often a simple design choice based more on function than on appealing style. If it’s insulated well, adds some light to the dark lower floor and keeps out the cold, rain and bugs, it’s doing its job right.

Yet for some people, boring functional basement windows just aren’t going to cut it. They want unique and memorable home style from basement floor to loft rafters. To these folks, basement windows should be just as much a statement piece as a way to block out noise and seal in the heat.

Though these types of basement windows might seem rare, they don’t necessarily need to cost lots of extra money to make them possible. Sometimes a unique basement window design that you’ll really love isn’t as expensive to buy and install as you might think.

The following three unique basement window designs are both attractive and affordable, if you get a little creative about saving overall costs.

Stained Glass Basement Window

Classic and colorful, basement windows made from stained glass panels are definitely a showpiece feature of your home, inside and out. Shop at the local antique markets, vintage shops and home décor salvage haunts for stained glass windows in great shape. Bargain with the dealers for better prices. If you’re buying more than one stained glass piece, you might be able to wheel and deal a great discount for multiple panels.

Definitely do your basement window installation homework before trying to do it yourself. It’s very possible that your stained glass panels will need to be fitted into a custom frame in order to fit well into your window openings. What you save on second hand stained glass pieces might very wisely be spent on hiring a professional for proper installation. Remember, it’s not just about the pretty! These basement windows still need to be as sturdy and energy efficient as possible, too.

Wrought Iron Basement Window Accents

The use of unique wrought iron overlays on various basement window frames creates a really beautiful look that you don’t often see. From flowing floral designs to intricate scrollwork, wrought iron gives your basement windows a bit of an Old World appeal.

This is a popular choice for Spanish style homes, but wrought iron windows add fashionable flare and added security to any home.

Check auction websites for great deals on wrought iron and wood windows, new or salvaged. Be careful of shipping prices with these windows, as shipping wrought iron can get extremely expensive. Try checking the local salvage and ironwork studios first, to avoid shipping costs completely.

Basement Windows From Recycled Glass Bottles

The more pricier choice of this trio because they are often custom made by an artistic craftsperson, basement windows made from collected pieces of recycled glass are really unique conversation pieces. Pieces of bottles, stemware, dishes, smoothed sea glass – all can be melted together in pleasing patterns and made to custom fit your basement window opening. Similar to mosaic or stained glass work, windows made from recycled glass pieces like broken bottles are definitely one of a kind art.

You might save this type of unique design for very small spaces, to keep costs low. A small basement guest bathroom window would delight and sparkle with special light through a custom window this divine.

Beautiful Basement Windows Are A Choice

Before you decide on simple basement windows with very little character, take a little time to find out what unique options are available to you on your budget. You might be able to afford more than you think! There are steals and deals to be had at antique fairs and consignment shops that you’ll certainly miss if you don’t dare to look. Ask local glass blowers and artists to brainstorm custom window ideas with you, too. Beautiful eye-catching window.