5 Traits Of The Energy Efficient Patio Door


Finding an energy efficient patio door is one way homeowners can help to reduce their energy costs. An energy efficient patio door can not only help cut your family’s dependence on air conditioning or heating, it can also reduce how much your use your electric lights. Having an energy efficient patio door means you’ll be able to leave it uncovered and so can use natural light more often. These benefits have made patio door replacement a popular home improvement project but, still, many homeowners don’t know all the hallmarks of a truly energy efficient patio door.

Energy Efficient Options – Check The Product Lines

Energy efficient patio doors have come a long way and now doors that offer true efficiency benefits can be found with a number of options. Many companies now have entire lines of both windows and doors that have been developed to deliver the best efficiency possible. A truly efficient patio door will be included as a part of these specialized product lines.

Treated Glass – Let The Sun Shine In, But Keep The Heat Out!

One of the biggest components of an energy efficient patio door is, of course, the glass. Some doors have options where the glass is one simple set piece while others break it up with panes or designs. Whatever the style, the glass itself should be specially treated so that sunlight can come in without affecting the temperature of the home. Specially treated glass can be tinted or colored as a part of the process but even patio doors with clear glass options are able to filter out harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) rays as well as slashing the amount of ambient or radiant heat gain.

Smooth Patio Door Seals, Tracks, Hinges And Hardware

Glass is only one part of how new patio door options can help reduce energy costs. The track, hinges and other hardware also contribute to just how much energy a patio door can save. Doors that glide easily but firmly prevent air transfer. Essentially, an energy efficient patio door needs to have more than just the treated glass – it also needs to have the hardware to back it up. The glass and door itself may be the bee’s knees but if the track, hinges, stripping and other hardware can’t support it or aren’t installed properly, you’ll end up with a patio door that is anything but energy efficient.

High Quality Manufacturing, Research And Development

Many window and door manufacturers have begun to realize just how profitable energy efficiency can be. As a result, more and more of them have begun to invest in research and development for windows, exterior and patio doors that can make a significant impact on the energy consumption of a home. Sometimes these are bundled into groups so that homeowners can choose from set designs that will complement each other and deliver long term savings. Energy efficient patio doors from these companies represent the latest in manufacturing, research and application technologies. Working with and buying products from these companies also supports general research and development since energy efficient building materials is a consumer driven product line. Patronizing these reputable manufacturers will help ensure you’re getting the best patio door possible and helping to ensure future generation will be able to as well.

Energy Star Rating

Finally, there’s the Energy Star Rating. Although normally associated only with large appliances such as air conditioning units or washers and dryers, the Energy Star system offers ratings to doors and windows as well. What makes a door or window an Energy Star product? They are tested to see how much energy they help to keep inside a home and how well they protect the internal temperature from the effects of the weather outside. These ratings can be found on labels directly on the doors and the tests are done through the Energy Star labs as well as an independent testing authority.

Taking the time to make sure your next patio door carries the hallmarks of true energy efficiency is, quite simply, a smart move. Choosing an energy efficient patio door can help cut heating and cooling costs as well as reducing your home’s dependence on electricity. It can also improve the look of your home and give a boost to its overall value. So the next time you need to replace a door, be sure it has the five traits of true energy efficiency.