5 Specific Toronto Door Related Tips


The exterior doors of your home have a tremendous amount of responsibility. From helping to set the tone of your home’s first impression to heightening security and improving efficiency, the exterior door is a perfect example of a simple object that accomplishes many goals. Since your door does so much for you, it’s a good idea to know how to best care for it. Here we’ll take a look at 5 tips that can help your Toronto door last longer and perform better.

What Makes A Toronto Door So Special?

Toronto residents know the value of a good door. It may sound silly at first, but once you make it through a Toronto winter, you suddenly realize just how much that door does to keep Jack Frost at bay. A Toronto door has to stand up to some of the coldest weather around – and do it beautifully. As the housing market continues to grow in the surrounding area, a Toronto door serves to not only improve the comfort and efficiency of a home, but also the home’s Curb Appeal, or first impression.

Cold Winter Care

During the winter, the average Toronto door has to deal with sub zero temperatures, gusting winds and freezing rain and snow. During the winter it’s important to make sure your door is operating well and that any damage that happens over the winter is patched or taken care of as soon as possible. Although not all repairs will be able to get done right away, any damage that leaves the door itself exposed may encourage rot, rust or other kinds of damage depending on the material.

Springtime Checkup

The spring is a great time to give a Toronto door the checkup it needs to keep it looking new and behaving, as it should for another season. During the spring have a look at the weather stripping; draft excluders and any other add on accessories you’ve chosen to use in order to make your Toronto door as energy efficient as possible. This is also the ideal time to check the hinges and examine the door itself for any signs of wear or trouble. As you look your door over, keep an eye out for cracked or bubbled paint, as this is an early sign that water damage could happen if left untouched.

Draft Checks

During the winter, one of the most important jobs a Toronto door does is to cut down on drafts. Although new doors are created to be as energy efficient as possible, many homeowners find they need to add something to their doors in order to completely stop drafts from coming in. Luckily, there are several options available, which you can use to make a Toronto door the perfect barrier between you and the wintry landscape outside. First, run your hands along the perimeter of the door to see exactly where drafts are getting in. Usually, it’s along the bottom. You can install weather stripping and draft sweeps, which can help, make your Toronto door as efficient as possible.

Is Glass A Good Idea For A Toronto Door?

Many homeowners wonder if adding decorative glass panels to an outside door will diminish its overall energy efficiency. While this may have been the case in the past, today’s doors are designed to maintain efficiency even when glass panels are used. Discuss what you want with a local manufacturer or retailer in order to determine which options are best suited for the rigors a Toronto door ensures.

Make Your Front Door An Asset

Although a Toronto door has a big job to do in terms of protecting your home over the winter, it also needs to simply look good. The front exterior door on a home contributes a significant amount to the first impression, or Curb Appeal, of a home. Be sure you make repainting or cleaning your Toronto door a part of your spring-cleaning ritual in order to keep it – and your home – looking great.

These simple tips can help keep a Toronto door functioning well and looking great. That can easily make it an asset to any home both in terms of its look and its overall efficiency. Today’s door options give homeowners more choice than ever before so if your current door is starting to show its age, upgrading to a new Toronto door could be just the thing your home needs.