Top 5 Energy Star Rated Doors


High-energy costs are a way of life everywhere on the planet. To offset these rising costs, homeowners install Energy Star qualified entryway, patio and other doors. People that own existing structures can replace older doors with Energy Star rated doors and watch them pay for themselves very quickly due to less household energy consumption. For new construction homes, it makes perfect sense to use only Energy Star doors to build a brand new energy efficient residence. We have sampled some of the most innovative, stylish and resource saving Energy Star doors on the market across the country. The ones we rate as the “Top 5” are listed below.

1. Energy Star Patio Door By Masonite

Door manufacturer Masonite offers a beautiful line of exterior and patio doors that meet Energy Star standards. Among these is a multi-paned patio door with an insulated Low-E coated glass insert. The door also saves energy because it is equipped with polyurethane insulation and premium weather stripping. Customers order this Energy Star door because it compliments their outdoor décor in addition to its energy saving properties. It is available in a color palette that compliments the Behr paint color line; used on the doors, shutters and other exterior surfaces of millions of homes. The low maintenance door is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Steel Glass Panel Exterior Door By Jeld-Wen

The exterior door product line of the well-known Energy Star window and door manufacturer Jeld-Wen includes a lovely steel exterior door with glass inserts. Choose from six glass design options, all of which meet Energy Star requirements. Clear glass for this door is made with two glass panes that are sealed in between and on the perimeter to let light in yet save energy. Also available in this design is an Energy Star door with glass inserts coated in Low-E glass to keep temperatures comfortable in the home in every season plus reducing condensation and carpet and furniture fading. Order this decorative Energy Star door primed for painting with a choice of smooth surface, ocolo or beaded panels.

3. Solar Innovations, Inc. Unique Energy Star Door

Solar Innovations, Inc. is a company known for Energy Star doors that have unique features that add beauty and design to energy reduction in residences and commercial structures. Their products include a fabulous sliding Energy Star door that is ideal for patios or bedrooms. The wide-open design gives homeowners a clear view to the outside of the home without sacrificing precious energy. The Low-E glass blocks ultraviolet rays, keeping temperatures consistent, which helps to meet the energy expectations of Energy Star rated doors. Sliding door products by Solar Innovations, Inc. are reviewed and then certified for water, air, thermal ability, structural soundness and hurricane zone compliance at an independent testing agency.

4. Thermatru Fiberglass Entry Door

This door is one of ThermaTru’s most beautifully crafted and secure Energy Star door products. The fiberglass door is manufactured with the company’s registered Classic Craft technology, which gives it the look of authentic wood grain. In addition to looks, this tough door easily meets Energy Star standards with excellent U-Value (or u-factor, the measurement of heat loss) and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (or SHGF, how well glass blocks out solar heat).

5. Patio Door Manufactured By Lockheed Window Corporation

This Northeast-based company, also an Energy Star partner, manufactures a vinyl patio door with many features. The vinyl door is constructed with insulated, tempered glass for energy savings. Options include a sliding or swing patio door with a choice of Low-E and Argon gas-providing optimum energy efficiency for all four seasons.

As you can see, Energy Star doors are widely available across the country in all types of styles and materials. So whether you need to fight the frigid cold of Alaska, the blazing heat of an Arizona desert or any climate in between, you can reap the many benefits of energy efficient doors for your home.