5 Things Door Manufacturers Do Not Want You To Know


Buying a new door means shopping around, looking at different styles and usually dealing with a number of different door manufacturers. While there are many door manufacturers who want to deliver their customers with the best door at the best price, there are some door manufacturers who want to make a quick buck. As a result, these door manufacturers usually won’t be too keen on cluing you in to five common ‘trade secrets’ that can help you get a better door and a better price.

1. Buying Off Season Can Score You An Amazing Deal

Door manufacturers watch as their sales follow certain patterns throughout the year. Most homeowners take advantage of weather in the early spring to get a jump on home improvement projects. This means there are plenty of sales for door manufacturers just as winter is coming to an end and spring is getting ready to begin. Often, door manufacturers and dealers will have special sales during this time. But it’s possible to get an even deeper discount if you buy ‘off-season’. Call around and ask for prices at the height of winter or just as summer is winding down. You will probably be able to find some amazing deals since door manufacturers are eager to move stock around that time.

2. To Realize Substantial Savings, It’s Best to Combine Doors and Windows

Many homeowners look into replacing and upgrading their doors as a way to curb energy consumption and bring down heating and cooling bills. Door manufacturers are happy to show customers plenty of Energy Star options, but don’t always spell out the details when it comes to how much you can save with a door. Although doors do play a role in energy conservation, if you want to get substantial savings, it’s best to pair up new doors and new windows. Sometimes you can even get special pricing through window and door manufacturers if you buy your windows and doors at the same time.

3. Hanging Your Own Door is Easy and Can Save You Money

Door installation is a service typically offered by larger shops and some door manufacturers either as a part of their retail price on a door or as an extra service they charge for. Hanging a door is one of the simpler and straightforward home improvement projects and it can be done even by someone with little or no home improvement experience. You can even take free one day workshops at local stores or watch videos and tutorials online. Hanging the door yourself allows you to buy direct from the door manufacturers and have the door shipped directly to your home, cutting out any middleman entirely.

4. There Are Special Discounts If You Ask

When you’re dealing with door manufacturers directly, that means you can get in on special factory direct pricing. Quite often, it is possible to get discounted pricing or price breaks if you ask about it. Many door manufacturers offer discounts for paying in cash, if you are an active or retired military member or even if you buy more than a few doors or group them with a window purchase. Ask door manufacturers about what discounts they offer and also check with any auto clubs or other organizations you’re a member of to see if they have special discount programs.

5. You Get What You Pay For

There are many different styles and types of doors, including ones which are priced especially cheap. Although these doors offer some protection against the elements as well as offering insulation, they simply can’t perform as well as other, more expensive models. When you read the sales copy from door manufacturers about their least expensive options, be sure to ask about specifics regarding the material they are made of, how they’ll stand up to the weather and use by your family and when you can expect to need to repair or replace them. Sometimes the cheapest option available costs the most once you look at expenses a few years down the road.