Choosing The Right Sliding Glass Patio Door: Consider 8 Feet


 A sliding glass patio door is a thing of beauty. It gives the homeowner a chance to enjoy the view of his landscaped front porch and garden while providing easy access to it. While a bay window or a large stained glass window may give the lighting that you want, it cannot be opened during hot summer days. This makes the 8 feet sliding glass patio door the "window" that you need.

A folding patio door can also provide you with the same benefits as a sliding door, but it is not as space-efficient. Sliding doors make the most out of limited space because the doors do not actually fold out. Sliding doors also allows you to choose how wide you would want the doors to be opened. You can also install screen doors, so air can enter the room without actually opening the door.

 These sliding doors are installed not only to provide access or light but also for its aesthetic value. A variety of designs have been created to suit anyone's discriminating taste. So whatever door that you need, there is one that would fit in your home or room. You can also choose if you want a single opening or dual opening style. As to the size, the common sizes are 6 and 8 feet. Some units also have rectangular or arched transom windows to match that can be placed on top of the door.

Doors come in with aluminum, wood or vinyl. While aluminum is the most common, wood doors are slowly gaining popularity. If you choose wood, make sure that the finish is durable, as wood is susceptible to warping and bending when exposed to heat and moisture. Vinyl wood designs are also a wise alternative. Take note of the thickness and insulation core of the product before buying it. Check also on the door's glazing. High-performance glazing makes the glass door energy efficient and more durable. The glass must also be tempered.

The idea that these doors are unsafe is not true. Units have been built to withstand the worst weather conditions possible. Frames and glass have been improved and made more durable against shock. Some have thermal barriers that lock the heat in, making the door energy-efficient and cost-saving.

Security systems can also be installed in it to make the doors safe from burglars. Aside from the door itself, check on the hardware accessories that come with the product. The roller assemblies must be smooth for easy gliding.

Sliding glass patio doors have come a long way. Some have created products that glide at a curved 90-degree angle instead of the usual straight line. Another innovation is a technology called lift and slide. The door lifts and slides easily when the handle is turned. Turning the handle back causes the door to sink to a rubber foot for a tight seal.

Since 8 feet is the standard size for most sliding glass patio doors, it is not hard to find a design that you'd like. Buying it at this standard size also makes the door less costly than a custom-sized door. Not only does it give access to the porch or backyard, it also provides beauty and elegance to your home. Browse through the many designs and imagine how beautiful your home would look with it.