Why You Need To Have A Sandblasted Etched Glass Shower Door


 Tired of your clear glass shower doors? Then it's time to replace them with sandblasted etched glass shower doors. Let me tell you why.

There are two things to consider in choosing your shower doors – privacy and beauty. Sandblasted etched glass shower doors give you the privacy you need – beautifully.

While you feel too "exposed" with clear glass shower doors, sandblasted glass gives you the coverage that you need while you shower. But unlike frosted glass shower enclosures which create an opaque look, sandblasted glass produces a white glow as the tiny particles of sand reflect and diffuse the light instead of blocking it. It allows natural light to pass through it and reflects the colors of the surroundings, adapting to its mood. The door provides soft illumination that other glass types cannot provide. So it actually lights up your shower while covering it at the same time!

You can choose from the many art designs that glass manufacturers offer. Designs can range from traditional to contemporary to futuristic, from people to scenery and all designs possible. Some manufacturers can create designs according to your specifications, or you can create your own design for them to follow. Now you can actually make the shower door as your own canvas to display your artwork.

These qualities make sandblasted or etched glass a popular choice not just for shower doors but for other applications like windows, glass doors, hot tub enclosures, table tops, room dividers, cabinet doors, lamps, and signs.

Etched glass is one which is created by spraying acid or sand through a controlled system. To create the design, the acid or sand passes through the stencil, and portions that are to remain transparent are covered with a special resist or mask.

Sandblasted etched glass has a translucent, rougher surface than that which was acid-etched, which is relatively smooth and satin-like. The amount of force and type of sand determine its translucency and roughness.

Different effects can be achieved by different techniques like shading, edge lighting and deep carving. Shading creates the illusion of shadow and smoke, so some features look almost three-dimensional. Edge lighting technique utilizes the light-reflecting properties of glass, resulting in a more striking, vivid image. Deep carving technique provides for depth of some parts of the design. Some manufacturers use one, a combination, or all techniques.
Check on the different websites of glass manufacturers. Prices vary according to the detail of the design and size of the product. But before deciding on any product, take note of its features of qualities.

Of course, it must be made of tempered glass – for safety. Tempered glass is one which was treated and processed not to break into sharp pieces. The product must comply with building and safety codes as well. For enclosure systems, make sure that they are waterproof and steam tight. Also take note of its thickness and edges, as products may vary according to its manufacturer.

See what wonders this interesting piece of glass artwork can do. You might need the help of a designer in choosing the design that would best suit your bathroom, or that which could give it the facelift that it needs. Transform your plain old bathroom into a posh and elegant one by installing a sandblasted etched glass shower door now!