Patio Door Styles – Tips for Choosing the Right Patio Door Style for Your Home


There are several types of patio door styles for you to choose from. With the right patio doors installed, you can effectively change the ambience of your home. Regardless of which of the many patio door styles you select, you will find that your newly installed doors can open up a space really well by allowing in a great amount of natural light and contributing to the overall theme of your home’s décor.

Your choice in patio door styles can also serve as an attractive feature of your home’s exterior, especially when the door opens up to a beautifully landscaped garden or stone patio. Before you make your decision from the many types of available patio door styles, there are a few things that you could consider in order to ensure that you are purchasing the best patio door to suit your personal sense of style.

Sliding vs. Hinged

There are two primary types of patio doors to consider. There are those that glide open and hinged patio doors. Determining which of these patio door styles will be the best choice for your home will depend on the space that you are installing them in. Is space at a premium in your home? If so, then a gliding patio door can help you to eliminate the need to dedicate space for the opening of a hinged door. If space is not a huge concern then you can opt for an elegantly styled hinged door.

The Door Design

Your next decision will be to decide between the styles of the glass. There are a number of popular choices in patio door styles that include clear glass. But there are also a number of interesting designs that you can chose from. You will find that there are a number of glass doors with etched patterns that could range from the elegant basic to the rich and ornate. There are also several patio door styles in the French door style, and there are also patio doors that are available with blinds or shutters that are between the glass panes of the door.

Your final choice will largely depend on how fancy you are looking to go with your patio door. There are also a number of colors to select from. You could opt for the traditional white, or you could opt for a vibrant red or yellow for a fun pop of color.

Considering Energy Efficiency

When you start looking at your choices in patio door styles you will likely find that many of them are marketed with energy star ratings, and also with what are referred to as U-ratings. In general, the lower that the U-rating is, the better energy efficiency you can expect from your new patio door. While you may not initially give this much thought as you are evaluating your choices in patio door styles, keep in mind that energy efficiency is an important aspect of every piece of your home’s design. Energy prices are constantly in flux, but with a house that is as energy efficient as possible, you can easily help to keep your own heating and cooling bills on an even keel, year-round.

When you are ready to make your decision from available patio door styles, be sure that you carefully measure the space that your new door will be installed into. The more accurate that your measurements are, the less likely you will be to run into any issues once you get your door home ready for installation.

Ultimately your choice in patio door styles will be one that perfectly suits your personal sense of style, allows for plenty of natural light to filter into your space, and one that also serves to increase the overall value of your home.