Orlando Sliding Glass Doors: Some Tips On Replacing The Old One


 Do you love sliding glass doors in your abode? Do you always want them shiny? But what would you do when your Orlando sliding glass doors become faulty, rusty, and old? Through the years of using it and moving it, the sliding glass door also malfunctions. When the door starts to get heavy when you move it and quite hard to be opened, the sure thing there is that the rollers are already old and bit rusty as well as weak. This is mainly due to the moisture that forms therein. Such ordeal always happens especially to the dual pane sliding glass doors which are made up of the aluminum material. Hence, what you need to do in order to replace the old sliding glass door is to take it out from the very opening. There are instances when the fixed panels require to be taken out the first so that the panel of the sliding glass door itself would eventually show up.

Below are the steps on how you would take out the fixed panels of the Orlando sliding glass doors.

First of all, you need to put out the screen doors. The screen doors normally contain two pieces of rollers under them.
Next, you have to raise or lift the sliding glass door frames using your hands while using the flat screwdriver to lift the roller from underneath. You must apply the same procedure when working on with the other portion. After which, you could now remove the screen panels and then place them aside first.

Then the third step is to obtain that metal piece which is placed on the very base. It runs from the bottom corner part going across to the bottom part of the side jamb and then holds the door lock. As you have it taken out, you could now start with meddling it up from that of the track. As you are done with this, you may now take a look at the interior of the fixed panel which is just beside that wall jam. When the metal piece could not be found, you may simply look for the same piece which is of the same size from the nearest hardware you have in your vicinity.

The fourth procedure is to look for all the screws which hold on the frame into the wall. Typically, the Orlando sliding glass doors have one piece of screw which holds the top and bottom corners all together towards the center portion. You have to take away these screws and place them aside.

Then, gradually pull away the fixed panel from the wall. When it stuck, you may pull it out until it paves way to being laid out. Grab the side rails and have someone help you take out the other side. Finally, release the used and weakened old rollers. You would need help when doing this particularly because the Orlando sliding glass door is heavy.

Place the new rollers in the same way they are placed on the old sliding glass doors. Adjust them and place back the parts in a backward way.

If you think you cannot do it yourself, you could always call on the pros to replace the rollers or any part of your Orlando sliding glass doors. They are simply a phone call away.