Door Manufacturers Tell All: What Are The New Trends In Home Door Design?


Having a good looking front door can help your home to increase its curb appeal and may even help boost the value of your home. Not only are valued front doors energy efficient and sturdy they will also be well designed. Door manufacturers offer a wide variety of trendy doors that can fit a multitude of personal styles. Some front doors are trendier than others such as the more modern designs and following the trends may be just the new look your home needs.

The most current trends from door manufacturers are for homes built with modern decor in mind. These doors include full glass doors, doors made of traditional woods but with modern decorations, and doors made of metals. Also, a new trend in doors is where the hinges for the door are located. More modern doors have the hinges placed about one to two inches away from the frame and anchor the door to the top and bottom of the frame rather than the side. These doors have more of a rotating motion when opened and closed.

Another common new door trend according to door manufacturers is the doublewide door. Instead of having two doors that meet in the middle of a doublewide frame such as French doors, these doublewide doors are one door that has been expanded to twice the area as a traditional door. This combines the convenience of double doors with the more modern look of a single door.

Common Materials In Modern Doors

Door manufacturers use traditional wood materials such as mahogany with such modern decor as panels, translucent glass, aluminum trimmings, and doublewide doors to give a nice, new spin on the more familiar aspects of the front door. Using glass panels in doors can give a warmer feel to a modern design that may otherwise seem cold. The translucent glass is popular because it lets in a more subtle amount of light without losing the solid privacy many prefer in their front doors.

Another modern trend seen by manufacturers is metal. Metals are often paired with large window panels to allow more light to enter the home than most doors offered by door manufacturers. This is an extremely modern design and may not fit a lot of tastes because some of these doors look fairly industrial. However, these door styles can also look very clean cut.

Door Manufacturers And Contemporary Styles

Door manufacturers also sell a wide variety of more contemporary styles. These styles of doors are very trendy because they offer modern looks with touches of traditional styles. For example, door manufacturers offer these doors in a wide range of woods with a wide range of carvings so that you are able to find the style that matches your personal home style.

A style known as Model Rockport, offered by several door manufacturers, is representative of a great blend between modern style and traditional elements. This style is a solid wood door with horizontal panels from top to bottom. Other such styles have panels that are thin and either run vertically or horizontally in the door. These doors almost look as if they are made from multiple pieces of wood and have the benefit of looking like an old world style that has been modernized for today’s homes.

Lastly, several door manufacturers some contemporary styles have panels of wood that is either a different kind or stained a different color set into the door. These panels give a nice decoration to the door and are commonly placed running vertically either off center or in the center.

Using Doorknobs To Make Doors More Trendy

If you happen to be satisfied with the make and color of your door or do not wish to invest in a new door at the moment, simply replacing the doorknobs can give the door just enough of a new style to appear to be more up to date. Door manufacturers offer a wide range of doorknobs that can help you to modernize your front door.

Common shapes are long, straight, skinny handles, perfect but flat circles, and octagons. Others are squares or even the traditional looking orbs made of more modern looking materials such as polished chrome or stainless steel. Different door manufacturers will often offer different brands but most will be able to offer you the trendy modern designs to more traditional designs.

Door manufacturers do their best to keep up with the trendiest styles for home door design. The newest trends involve modern or contemporary designs that turn traditional wooden doors into a style that can fit even the most modern of homes. Furthermore, door manufacturers also keep up with the trends of more traditional doors that keep in line with traditional home styles while at the same time bringing in the modern technology we need to maintain energy efficient homes.