5 Most Affordable U.S. Manufacturers Of French Doors


Dealing directly with the manufacturer can be a great way to score a deal on French doors, patio doors and other building supplies. It can also give you a chance to discuss what you want and need for your home with the company directly in order to find out whether or not French doors are the right choice and how you can best use French doors to make your home more beautiful and energy efficient. Here we’ve rounded up the top 5 US companies that manufacture French doors and deliver them with quality and service at unbeatable prices.

Masonite Doors

Masonite is a well known company that manufactures a number of different interior and exterior doors, including French doors, which can be used as an entrance to a patio or as internal doors. Although Masonite offers a wide range of specialty doors for inside and outside the home, they also turn over the creative control to clients every day through their design your own door program available directly on their website. This system lets clients choose from a range of glass and styles to create their own French doors and then filter down their options based on features, style or even simply price. Giving clients more creative control has made Masonite the go to company for various specialty and French doors across the country.

ThermaTru Doors

ThermaTru Doors focus on energy efficiency in everything they do. This makes their French doors an ideal choice for families who want to make their home as energy efficient as possible without compromising on beauty or style. ThermaTru Doors specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of doors – including French doors – that can help boost a home’s overall efficiency. They also offer customer support through dealers as well as directly on their website and through their offices. Finally, they can help customers find out which tax credits they qualify for when they buy qualifying doors, a feature that can make their doors even more worthwhile.


Although primarily known for their windows, Andersen also offers a wide range of door options, including French doors, which can be used as patio doors, back doors and internal doors to brighten a home and boost energy efficiency. Since Andersen has spent so long working with windows, they have been able to create some of the most stunning and energy efficient French doors available on the market today. Since these French doors come backed by Andersen’s commitment to quality and service you can rest easy knowing their pricing has value built right in.

Milgard Windows & Doors

Milgard is another company that has made its name on the back of their window technology but they also feature stunning options for French doors as well. Their exclusive line of French doors is marketed under the WoodClad name and features wood accents and trim that elevate French doors from a simple way to brighten a home to a way to transform the way a room – or an entire home – looks and feels for both visitors and the family that lives there. Their doors can also be ordered as classic French doors or as new, sliding doors, which can make these doors an option even in small spaces.


In the field of home improvements and building supplies, Jeld-Wen is synonymous with quality and service. Although their French doors can cost a bit more than some of the others on this list, that price is backed by quality and a reputation built over decades of service. The savings French doors from Jeld-Wen can offer may not be immediate but, over time, these doors offer a true lasting value both in terms of energy conservation and adding beauty – and value – to your home.

Each of these US manufacturers endeavors to deliver the highest quality products to every one of their customers. Although prices can vary from maker to maker, determining their overall value means looking at more than just the price tag. A truly valuable door will last for years and add both beauty and lasting value to your home.