Why Installing uPVC Windows In Your Home Is A Good Idea


uPVC windows are considered the market leader when it comes to homeowners purchasing replacement windows for their properties. There are three main types of replacement windows, uPVC windows as we already mentioned and also aluminium and timber windows. Any of these window types could be deemed suitable for installation in your home, so why do more people purchase uPVC windows than either of the other two types?

  • uPVC windows are considered to be maintenance free. In broad terms this statement could be considered to be correct. uPVC is a very strong and durable material that will need little maintenance in comparison to timber or aluminium as both of these windows will need to be painted over time in order to keep them weatherproof. Timber especially needs regular upgrading as water could damage the window unit. That is not to say that windows made from uPVC do not need regular cleaning as does any window and also moving parts such as hinges and locking mechanisms will always benefit from regular lubrication. However in the main uPVC windows do not need a lot of maintenance.
  • uPVC frames, if they are of good quality are constructed using multi-chambers and also have thermal brakes set into the frames. This allows for excellent heat conservation in the home as the window frames working in conjunction with double or triple glazing help to stop heat escaping from the property and cold air entering.
  • Windows made from uPVC help prevent noise pollution in the home. As many homes are situated in urban areas, traffic noise can be an irritant and the installation of quality replacement windows will often be the best solution towards having a more peaceful and quite home.
  • Probably the main reason homeowners consider installing replacement windows is that they wish to cut down on their heating expenses. Oil prices continue to rise and other heating fuels are becoming more expensive also. It is incumbent on all homeowners to try and make their properties as energy efficient as possible in order to avoid having to pay crippling fuel costs in the future and also possibly having to pay carbon taxes.
  • The quality of the glazing used in any window is equally as important as the type of window frame that is installed. uPVC window frames used in conjunction with double or triple glazing means that you have an excellent window unit which will be durable, secure and highly energy efficient.
  • In modern times security has become much more of an issue that it was in the past. The days of being able to leave a key in your door at night time or perhaps go away from your home for extended periods of time knowing that all would be well on your return have long gone. Window security is very important and quality uPVC windows have many of the answers. With advanced technology locks set into strengthened frames and giving the homeowner the ability to lock it individual window, windows made from uPVC are severe test for any potential intruder. Used in conjunction with a good home alarm system, the size of these windows installed in a home is usually enough to deter most thieves.

Finally it is important to note that as well is being energy efficient, secure and maintenance free, PVC windows will help to make your own look smart and attractive. Homeowners who have purchased these windows have rarely regretted their decision and even though they may have had to pay more initially for a quality product they have found that over the longer term they have accumulated great savings.