How To Choose A Great Door Installation Expert


If DIY door installation isn’t your strong suit, hiring an expert in this field is an important endeavor for your home improvement plans. Many of us simply don’t have the time for proper new door installation; much less have the ability to do it like a professional would. So get a professional on the phone and start asking the right questions to find a great door installation expert for you.

Do They Have Above Average Door Installation Experience?

Having hung a door before doesn’t automatically make someone a door installation expert worth your hard-earned money. Feel confident about grilling someone (even your Uncle Joe) about their door installation experience before determining if they would be good at the job.

Find out if they have installed both interior and exterior doors. Ask them if they have experience with custom door installation, too. Inquire about any before and after photos of the door installation projects they might have in their files and on their web pages. Take a peek in their tool box. If they don’t carry a pry bar, caulking gun and extra wood shims they’re probably not the real deal.

Do They Have New And Exciting Door Installation Ideas?

You might not think there is such a thing as an exciting door installation idea, but people who do this for a living even part-time should think otherwise. A great door installation expert would definitely exude some excitement when talking about what they can do for you, so look for that. Do they have ideas for how your door installation materials and configuration can be more energy efficient? Do they have suggestions for your home’s door styles, wood species, colors and finishes? Be on the lookout for someone who seems to truly care that you have some enticing options for aesthetics, efficiency and convenience. Part of their door installation service should be to steer you in the right direction with ideas that are both practical and innovative, so keep looking until you find someone who can do that and does.

Do They Have Competitive Door Installation Price Quotes?

Be careful here, because you do want a great price quote from a door installation expert but you don’t want to turn down the best person for the job just because their price is higher or even highest. Depending on your budget, of course, you should make your decisions about door installation based on what’s going to be the best for your home in the long run, not just what’s best for your bank account today.

A great door installation expert is also probably going to be willing to negotiate with you. If they are way out of your price range, see if they can help you find a middle ground by possibly choosing different materials or starting with a smaller project. Ask if they are willing to negotiate a more flexible payment plan with you, as well.

Do They Come Highly Recommended?

Customer satisfaction and client testimonials are a door installation experts best credentials. Always ask for at least a couple of previous client references and take the time to make those calls before hiring. Proper door installation is so important. If this person’s previous clients aren’t happy with the craftsmanship and service they received, you know you need to move on and find somebody better.

When you do hire someone, be willing to be a reference for them, too, if they’ve done the job well.

Call The Other Experts, Too

Don’t forget to call the owners and managers of local home improvement shops and suppliers for recommendations, too. Some of the best door installation experts they would know of are probably on staff at these places or may have gotten their start there on the sales floor or through service calls.

Hiring a great door installation expert can be easy if you ask the right questions and ask a lot of them. Don’t hire someone until you are satisfied with the answers, heard some glowing recommendations and have a gut instinct that their ideas and experience are right for the job.