The Growing Demand for Energy Efficient Doors


To some homeowners, doors are the last thing they consider when looking for ways to renovate their home for energy savings and for market appeal as well. While energy efficient doors are important, and have a necessary place in every home, very few families are aware of how well they can enhance and even save money for the future.

Very little is known on how doors themselves can improve the market value of your home in general either. Here, you’re going to learn a little more into how all of these fancy doors have a pivotal role within your home.

How Doors Provide Value And Energy Conservation To Your Home

Doors do play a very influential role in how well your home holds in heat and cool air, just for starters. Essentially your doors should shield you from the elements that you are trying to escape from while making it nearly impossible for those things you’re trying to avoid from getting inside your home. They are also extraordinary for lowering your home’s energy costs, as has been mentioned.

The main question you might have is in how they do this and it all depends upon what energy existing doors you have and whether or not these are energy efficient doors. Exterior doors probably have more of an impact in this area than interior doors, but they all have their own slot to fill, otherwise there’d be no need for doors period. Your front door, or entry door is normally the major element of your home, but it is also the last place that many homeowners consider for energy efficiency. More are concerned with the aesthetics of the door and having the perfect design, far more than whether or not it is made from the right energy efficient materials. However, this has been changing in recent years and you can purchase doors now that are not only visually appealing, but which are energy efficient as well.

What Qualities Make Up An Energy Efficient Door?

First and foremost you want to consider the materials that go into the creation of the door, not just the weather-stripping and insulating; these things come after. The truth of the matter is that now doors are consistently made from technology that shows polyurethane to be the most reliable for energy efficiency. Doors created with fiberglass, or steel that have a wood mixture are also two of the most common possibilities for ensuring total energy efficiency in your front foyer door.

The doors previously mentioned fit perfectly into the solid framework of your home and when closed, they seal off the outside tightly, preventing any leaks for air to escape or gaps for bugs and other forms of pestilence to creep in.

Furthermore, most of these energy efficient doors come with a magnetic strip that lowers the need for weather-stripping; if you even need that at all. You also wouldn’t have to worry about caulking around your door either. If you do go with a polyurethane door, these are known to be far better insulators than any wooden door you’ll ever purchase. They also have better longevity when faced with the battering elements of Mother Nature.

On one last note for improving your existing doors, or replacing them altogether, storm doors can provide even higher levels of energy efficiency than without them at all. These are even better to consider if you have simply renovated your existing foyer door and need a better, more improved means of insulating it.

You want to go with an insulated frame and ensure that the glazing of the glass is a low e code. Now, with some storm doors, you can remove the glass in the summer time and replace with a screen protectant instead. This will prevent the heat from building up in the glass and allowing for it to seep in to the space between the storm door and the foyer door. It is a good option for cold seasons and warm seasons, so some view this effort as the perfect alternative when recycling their existing foyer door. It saves time and money, but definitely provides the dependable energy efficiency that you are looking for!