French Doors Versus Sliding Glass Door


There are many ways that you can add style in your house. More often than not the details are what makes a design unique and stand out. Doors are one of the basic essentials of a house. They don't just serve as an entry but also an invitation to your abode. With many options today many are stuck in the match up of French doors versus sliding glass doors.  

Both have their own features and advantages. Most customers are stuck between the two when designing or remodeling the exterior of their house. Although doors are miniscule compared to the other aspects of your house it plays one of the biggest roles. They are the first thing that your guests and relatives will see. Your door serves as a symbol of what your house is or what may be behind it.

French doors evoke the country look and feel. It's composed of glass panels bordered by a wooden frame. They provide a great view when overlooking a garden, deck or patio when installed at the exterior part of the house. They are used as an entry for formal living or dining room when installed in the interior of the house.  They are popular for homeowners who want a stylish yet cozy look in their house. They also let the light in with a good view of the outdoors.

Homeowners have a wide array of choices when it comes to design. This is why French doors are very popular. Unfortunately it does have its limitations. They open as any standard doors would do. They can also prove to be expensive depending on the materials used. Furniture may hinder it from fully opening or closing.

Sliding glass doors are very common in households. It's composed of a pair of insulated glass bordered by a frame. As the name suggests this is a type of door that slides to one side when opened to provide entry. Recent developments have made these doors functional and stylish. They are very versatile and can be applied in both residential and commercial buildings. They can be installed in closets, pantries, and workspace. They can separate space and at the same time combine it when opened. 

The frames can be made of different materials such as wood or metal. They also come in different designs. Homeowners can also opt for fiberglass. For added privacy then can also install soundproof glasses in their home.

The main advantage is they are not hindered by furniture. Homeowners also have the choice of installing sliding glass doors with a bi-folding system. It provides a great view of the outdoors, gives the illusion of space, and can be used in many areas of a residential or commercial building.

For homeowners who are solely looking for a new style in their house French doors are the way to go. But if you are looking for versatility and style opt for a sliding glass door.
In the end it will depend on your preferences and your needs.

The customer will ultimately decide which to choose. In the end it will all boil down to budget, needs and preferences. For now we will never know who will win between the match up of French doors versus sliding glass doors. Both provide good options for the style conscious and practical homeowner.