French Doors Provide Form And Function In Any Home


Interior and exterior doors are usually things thought to be entirely separate. But one style brings it all together – French doors. French doors are able to offer security for doorways leading to the garden and can also bring more natural light into a room, help to conserve energy and can, of course, simply improve the look and feel of any room in which they are used.

Let There Be Light … And Beauty

French doors are well known for how they provide the best aspects of windows and doors in one simple and elegant design. Since French doors are primarily glass they can allow a room to be illuminated with natural light even if there aren’t many windows in the room. A family room with only one or two windows can be transformed by the light and improved circulation French doors provide. Opting for French doors as an entrance way to the back patio, for example, will allow your family to enjoy the view of the back garden without needing to install larger windows. This means you can easily enjoy an increase in natural light. Using natural sunlight more often instead of electric lights can lower your overall electricity bills and can even give your family a boost of Vitamin D as sunlight encourages the body to make more of this essential vitamin naturally.

French Doors Help With Conservation

When French doors are used as internal doors between rooms, it can also help conserve heating and cooling. Although beautiful, French doors are more than just a pretty face. Using them as internal doorways allows you to keep them closed more often, trapping in heat or cooled air. Closing off rooms can also help to reduce the space your heating and air conditioning needs to regulate. For example, during the day you can close off back bedrooms with French doors to focus the energy of your heating and cooling.

Improved Child Care And Security

French doors also offer the ability to easily handle child care and even security. Since French doors feature so much clear glass space, it’s easy to scan any room of your home. In terms of security this can make checking that windows are closed an easy job and, for child care, it means not having to open the door to check on a sleeping child. It also lets you keep a child’s room at a different temperature by using a space heater In the winter and then closing your French doors so that the air and heat are contained but you’re still able to easily peek in on your child as he or she naps, reads or plays with friends while you get things done.

Decorating With French Doors

Finally, French doors offer unparalleled options when it comes to decoration. Although normally clean, the glass in French doors can be created to be semi or totally opaque. This gives the best in terms of privacy while still allowing filtered light to come through. The light French doors allow in can make any room feel cleaner, bigger and airier, which can improve the look of the room itself as well as the home as a whole. The individual panes of glass in

French doors can also be easily decorated based on the season or holiday. Options for removable cling film, special paint and even temporary lead glass effects can all be used on French doors to decorate a room and an entire home without having to commit to one particular style. These options make French doors a wonderful choice for those who love to give a room a makeover. Best of all, the classic beauty and style of French doors means that no matter how you choose to decorate, you know your French doors will accentuate and compliment any style or color palette.

Once you consider everything French doors can do for your home, it will be easy to see why investing in them is so popular. Not only can they be used to improve the look of your home, they can also make your home work more efficiently. From helping to conserve heat and air condition energy to improving the feel of your home with natural light, French doors can do it all.