How To Find Cheap Toronto Door Replacement Services


When it’s time to find a Toronto door replacement company, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of choices. While some Toronto door replacement companies focus solely on doors, many national chains now offer door upgrade and replacements as a part of their wider services. When looking for Toronto door replacement services, there are some easy tips you can use to find the service that offers the best value for money.

Ask Family And Friends

Put your favorite social media site to good use and hit up family and friends for recommendations on Toronto door replacement companies. Door replacement is a common enough need with Toronto’s severe weather so you may be surprised at how many people you know who have had recent contact with a Toronto door replacement company. Posting online asking for recommendations or calling, texting and asking friends and co-workers will probably yield a few recommendations on who to see for quotes as well as a few to avoid.

Check The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The Canadian Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization located in the heart of Toronto. Their aim is to connect consumers from across the country with local businesses with a proven track record for excellence. People can look up any company they want for free on the BBB website. The report listed there for every Toronto Door replacement company will tell you not just how they stand up against the competition. The BB also reports on how each Toronto door replacement company handles a complaint when it’s received. A high quality company can still have a complaint lodged against it – the key is to see how well the company handled the problem.

Ask The Pros

Many local contractors already have a working relationship with one or two select Toronto door replacement companies. Call and ask either which Toronto door replacement company they would recommend or how much they would charge to oversee the job themselves. These contractors may also be able to refer you to lesser known Toronto door replacement companies that can offer specialized pricing or tackle niche jobs. This can especially important if your door is a non-standard shape or size or if you want to have other things done around the home as your door is being replaced.

Hit The Big Box Stores

Many national companies also now offer door replacement services. These services are typically a part of their service when they sell a door or doors direct to customers but it’s possible to simply hire them for the install as well. Ask about any special pricing they offer if you agree t buy the door directly but, if you decide to buy the door elsewhere, be sure you understand exactly how much they charge for the installation and what the service includes.

Check With The Manufacturer

If you’ve chosen to buy your door direct from the manufacturer, ask who they recommend to have it installed. If the company you bought the door from is local, chances are good that they’ll know of one or more Toronto door replacement companies that can get the job done right. Asking for a recommendation from them may also score you special pricing.

Jump Online

Using websites review websites and home improvement message boards is a great way to find a reputable Toronto door replacement company. Many websites now cater to offering unbiased reviews of a variety of service companies. These reviews are written by past customers and tend to be especially frank. Although some websites do run a subscription service, message boards dedicated to home improvement can be used free of charge, though you may need to set up a free account before you can post or browse through archived threads.

Finding a cheap Toronto door replacement service can be a bit of a hunt. The time you spend checking with friends, following up leads online and researching Toronto door replacement companies will be time well spent, however. Getting a good deal on the door installation as well as establishing a working relationship with a low priced but high quality Toronto Door Replacement Company can serve you well throughout your years of home ownership.