Being the first thing that anyone approaching your home sets their eyes on, your front door can be said to be the impression maker for your home to your visitors. As we all know, we cannot afford to take chances with first impressions. Your front door is a statement; it can either draw your visitors in or repel them away from your home. A beautiful front door makes your visitors feel welcome and leaves a good impression on them as well as improves your home appeal. However, front doors are not all about beauty, there is also a technical side to a good front door. A front door should be strong and durable to withstand its day-to-day duty of letting people in and out as well as keeping the occupant of the home safe and sound by keeping the unwanted away.

Factors to consider when choosing a front door


A look at auction sites such as eBay would instantly reveal the high popularity of front doors as well as the great variety in which they come in. Front door types vary from French doors, which are generally front doors that swing inward or outward to patio doors and storm doors as well as security doors. Ensure that you are fully aware of every type of front door option available so that you are able to weigh your options. Pick out a reputable company and have a look at their catalogue on front doors. That way you will have a better idea on what to select from. Keep an open mind when selecting front doors for your home and take into consideration the opinion of other people especially those of experts.


A front door could serve several purposes. To mention just but a few, the purposes of front doors include;

  • Functionality – whereby the function of the front door is access to the house,
  • Decorative – you could be looking to have a decorative effect to your house by use of the front door,
  • Architectural purposes – the door could be an existing aspect to the architectural structure of the house, and
  • Security purposes – the door could be to add security to your house.

Ensure that whichever door you pick out perfectly fulfills your purpose of acquiring a door.


Front doors come in a range of styles offering the buyer quite a variety to choose from. The styles range from Ranch to Cottage to the very classy Victorian style doors. If your knowledge on doors is limited, ensure that you work hand in hand with a qualified professional to pick out the best doors for your home. Pick out a style that directly blends with your home and appeals to your personal taste in order to acquire that unified feeling.


The front door material is an area that is often overlooked but one that carries a lot of weight in the home. If you are looking for a door that will serve you for security purposes, ensure that you pick out strong and durable door material such as steel. However, if you are looking for the more traditional, warm and elegant look that is more decorative you could definitely opt for steel. It might prove necessary to seek professional advice on which material to use for your front door. If looking for a more durable and easy to maintain door you could go with fibreglass on any day. Whichever material you select, ensure that it fits the purpose.


Front door prices vary depending on the material used. Buying front doors does not have to be quite an expensive experience. Seek out reputable companies that offer fair prices. On the other hand, you could be innovative enough to use other platforms such as eBay which offer reasonable prices for quality front doors or buy the materials and have someone make the door to your liking. This considerably reduces the price. Look at your front door as an investment; therefore invest heavily in it by selecting a high quality door.

Selection of a front door could take sometime before you finally find the object of your desire. Ensure that you acquire professional advice on the door type that complements the architectural structure of your home as this will go a long way in helping you find the suitable front door. Ensure that you get value for your money. Get a quality door, as it will serve you for a long time.