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  • 81+ Modern House Main Entrance Door Design (Wooden) Photos

    Latest modern house main or front entrance single and double door design wooden photos for homes in India.

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     The entry door is one of the most important aspects when remodeling your house. Some might consider the flooring or the furniture. But the details are what make a design unique from everything else. While you may notice that your furniture is completely archaic and your hardwood floor need replacements, your entry door is the first ting that your guest are going to see. Why not have entry doors with bevel leaded glass for a simple look and subtle difference?

    When remodeling our houses some of us will pay attention to the bigger areas of the house. This could either be the walls, furniture or floors. We will quickly browse through catalogs for new couches or finally get that Lazy Boy that we have always wanted. These are not unnecessary but its best to start small.

    Intricate details may not be easily noticeable but they do make a big difference. Remember those sneakers that are expensive just because they have a symbol of a check? Your house can have added value because you have a bevel leaded glass entry door. Your house can be extra special because you have a stained glass panel in the corner that would look dull without it.

    Entry doors make a statement of your house. They can also serve as a brief introduction for your guest. Your house is reflection of yourself. It will give your guests a hint of what lies in store for them. Although they may not be the obvious choice start your remodeling project nonetheless it deserves equal attention.

    For simple homeowners who want to have an artistic style on their home without going overboard a bevel leaded glass on the front door will be a good choice. They are also considerably more affordable that custom stained glass. They are fairly common so homeowners will not have any trouble in getting them as fast as possible. They come in different shapes and sizes.

    Apart from your entry door they can also be placed in windows or cabinets. You can also place them on interior doors dividing your rooms or hallways. They can also be installed in any part of the house and lighten up a corner. They bring the light in like any other stained glass and can accentuate parts of your house.

    Bevel leaded glass can also provide privacy for your house. You don't have to hang fabrics, or drapes at your entry door. In full color they can function as a screen. They light in while keeping prying eyes from seeing anything.

    They are a great alternative to colored glass. Stained glass can generally last up to 75 years or more, as long as they are authentic. Bevel leaded glass can be in circular or pentagon shaped. They also come in different designs and sizes. Whether you want to keep it small and simple or big and enticing, it's up to you.   

    If you don't want the full color, they can also be in clear glass. There would only be a touch up of color enough for you to see outdoors.

    Entry doors with bevel leaded glass are a good start for simple homeowners who want have a quick face lift. Sometimes you don't have to put anything fancy at the cost of your savings. Sometimes less is more.