5 Different Styles Of Andersen Doors: The Choice Is Yours


Andersen doors come in different beautiful styles to suit your home entryway needs, designs and personalities. Form and function meet art and beauty, with top quality construction for which Andersen doors are known. We’ve put together a handy selection of 5 different styles of doors you might love and need, with various design options for each.

Choosing the right Andersen doors for your house is fun and easy with the quick details and tips below. First, take into consideration these factors when choosing the door options you like best:

  • Which Andersen doors are most suited for your higher traffic entryways?
  • How much light do you want, if any, streaming through your entryways?
  • Is your house by the beach or in the mountains? Consider the climate surrounding your home before choosing your favorite Andersen door designs, too.
  • Which doors will keep your home running the most efficiently, keeping energy costs low? Will the extra expense of adding storm doors in high traffic entryways save money in energy costs for the long-term? Think about efficiency and convenience as much as decoration and design.

Residential Andersen Doors

Whether for classic or non-traditional entryway shapes, standard residential Andersen doors can be custom sized to fit your frame. If you love to have natural light softly floating through your doorways, select designs with decorative art glass panes. You can even have an arched entry door or one with rectangular sidelights. Choose your favorite wood designs for residential entry doors; like mahogany, maple, cherry and pine.

A very popular design option for residential entry doors is the grille. The door grille is the structure and pattern of the frame around the glass element. Choose from colonial, renaissance, prairie and other door grille patterns in several different widths and configurations (like full divided light or simulated divided light), too.

Folding Andersen Doors

Folding outswing Andersen doors can be stunning and convenient for patios; especially attractive for homes overlooking a big beautiful backyard, swimming pool or beach. These outswing glass doors with natural wood frames let in lots of sunshine and are suited well for warm weather climates. Choose from 11 different exterior colors and seven different wood species. These Andersen doors can be made to stand up to 10-feet tall.

Gliding Andersen Doors

Gliding doors are a popular choice for all-climate patios, but there’s more than one option of this style from Andersen doors. The A-series gliding door has traditional French door design, in either two or four panel configurations. The 200 series Perma-Shield gliding door has as more contemporary design, with easy to care for vinyl surfaces. Select the Narroline gliding glass patio door for a look of pretty simplicity, with solid wood frame. Or choose the convenient 100 series door for lower cost and tempered safety glass.

Hinged Andersen Doors

Do you prefer hinged doors to gliding doors for patios? Hinged doors come in classic French styling, too, as well as contemporary designs. As with all Andersen doors, these door styles are energy efficient, can be customized with your choice of wood species, and include added options like transom windows and sidelights. Plus, you can select inswing or outswing configurations with hinged door styles.

Storm Andersen Doors

Putting storm doors on your home can help prevent drafts and add extra insulation for higher energy efficiency. With over 30 storm door styles to choose from, you can rest assured Andersen doors has the right fit for your home. Both durable and secure, Andersen storm doors are even easy to install for DIY home improvements. In fact, one person can install the 3000 series of storm doors in less than an hour! Choose your desired door type for full or partial light. Select the best ventilation style, like full, single or dual vent. You can even select standard or decorative glass for your storm doors, too.

Andersen doors come in so many strong, beautiful, and energy-efficient styles; the choice truly is yours when deciding which doors fit your home and lifestyle best.