3 Beautiful Window Well Design Ideas For Basement Window Replacement


When considering the best basement window replacement options for your home, don’t forget the importance of your basement window wells, too. If your basement also serves as one of your family’s sitting rooms, it would be a treat to have appealing window well designs as part of the joy of looking from the inside out.

Here are three beautiful window well design ideas to consider when planning your basement window replacement project.

Basement Window Well Planters

A wonderful way to make your basement window replacement results more attractive is to install a window well planter or add potted plants into your existing window well. This kind of window well takes a bit more consistent maintenance in the growing months (mostly watering and weeding) but the extra attention is worth the beautiful view.

When planning your basement window replacement materials, ask at the home improvement store if they have pre-made window wells equipped with built-in planter shelves. If you’re the DIY project type, you might take on the task of building your own planter window well with wood or bricks. Do an internet search for easy window well planter designs before going ahead with your basement window replacement project. It’s best to know your total design plan, from windows to wells, for the most complimentary look.

Once your window well planter is in place, grow whichever plants and flowers please you most and are suited for the amount of light and shade this area by your windows receives. Succulents can work really well and make your plant-supporting basement window replacement project upkeep a bit less labor intensive with less watering needed.

Window Wells With Stone Work

A custom window well made with beautiful natural stone can be a really stunning added feature to your completed basement window replacement project. River rock, limestone, and other stone window wells are gorgeous outdoor features that should probably be built by someone experienced with masonry.

Or you can choose custom window well liners that look just like stone but without the extra cost, weight and labor fees of using real stone. Polyurethane window well liners with natural stone patterns come pre-made and can be custom cut to fit the measurements for your basement window replacement design.

If you have access to lots of beautiful smaller stones, create a pretty rock garden in your basement window wells as long as you don’t block any water drainage vents below.

Window Wells With Sitting Areas

If your basement window replacement plans include using large windows and you have the outdoor space to spare for an extra-large window well, create a window well that one or two people can sit in on sunny warm days. This kind of property space can seem like a huge thing to give up right next to your home, but there are definite benefits to doing so. Think of how much less time you’d spend mowing your smaller lawn and would have more time for lounging in your sunken window well oasis.

A very large window well with sitting area will need to have some built in stairs, so keep that in mind when planning your basement window replacement project, too. Create enough room to bring in a small bistro table with mosaic top and some potted plants. Your window well will look more like a sunken patio and would look especially beautiful when built of brick or large stones.

Cohesive Basement Window Replacement Design

Remember to think about both your window styles and your window well design when planning a cohesive basement window replacement project. Choose replacement windows, like hopper or awning windows, that will allow for a larger pane of glass. You’ll want to be able to fully see your beautiful window wells at any angle from inside the house.

To make sure your basement window replacement plans include enough funds in your budget for a unique window well design, get an estimate from a few different contractors first.