Cost Of French Doors For My Detached Home


French Doors add a delightful ambience to your home, because they define inside space so elegantly, and bring the garden into your living room. They also add a touch of mediterranean chic, where French Doors open elegantly onto wrought-iron balconies, so you can gaze down onto the village street below.

Core French Doors Costs

The costs of opening up can be significant when installing French Doors in a new position, especially if this is through a masonry wall. This is because they have no load bearing center post, and a continuous lintel must support the gap. On the other hand, it is this sense of openness that gives French Doors their unique Gallic character. Our advice is put them where they belong, regardless.

French Doors Inside Your Home

Of course, if you are closing off an opening inside your home the job becomes far easier. Let’s assume you have contiguous lounge and dining area, and wish to define the boundary better. In this case, all you need is a little dry-wall across the opening, with your new French Doors set in the center.

Other opportunities in non-load bearing areas include dividing living space from entertainment areas across the central passageway. Here, all you need is a set of doors made up to size with an integral frame that you attach to the opposite walls. French Doors provide instant transformations this way. You just need to release the creative power of your imagination.

French Doors Into The Garden

Installing elegant new doors inside your home is a relatively straightforward matter, because they are within a climatically-controlled zone that’s isolated from the weather. Setting French Doors in an outside wall is a totally different thing. Now you must consider factors way beyond mere aesthetics. These include

  • Materials that can withstand the heat of summer and winter’s icy blasts
  • The efficiency of the design and how it will affect your energy bills
  • The degree of lock protection your circumstances require
  • The annuity cost of maintenance and how to keep this down

These factors are heavily interlinked. The answers are found in considering French Doors generically below.

The Overall Design

Traditional French Doors have multiple cottage panes. These are lovely inside the home when all you need to do is wipe them down and polish up the glass. They become an expensive obligation when you put something similar outside though. Double glazing them is horribly expensive. The level of security is not good. They are an absolute pain to maintain properly.

For these reason, exterior French Doors should follow the classic design of a single sheet of glass set into the door. If you want the multi-pane look there are products that you can add afterwards, although these seldom look as good on French Doors. Rather consider frosting the glass with a motif or other pattern. You’ll get the variety you want at a fraction of the cost.

Best Framing Material

Unless you are an avid home handyperson it’s a good idea to stay away from high maintenance wood, and go for fiberglass or vinyl upvc instead. The third alternative of wood coated with wood-effect vinyl on the outside is increasingly popular. After all, how often do your visitors stare at the front door? They want to step inside!

Securing French Doors

A good set of locks and deadbolts is essential because the lack of a central post makes French Doors potentially vulnerable to intrusion. Fortunately, there are adequate solutions for this, as long as you don’t skimp on cost. You should spoil yourself by fitting classy handles to your new French Doors. You’ve come this far. You’ve spent good money. Stylishness is the cherry on the cake.