Choosing the Right Front Entry Door


It is said that in treating guests with hospitality, we need to step our best foot forward. And there is nothing like receiving guests inside our own homes. When we have visitors, the first thing they’ll notice is the façade of our house. Thus, the front entry door has a big impact in the way our guests perceive their first impressions.

When choosing your front entry door, there are certain factors you need to consider. There must be a focus on durability and energy efficiency. Here are some tips you can look into when selecting your door:

Standing the Test of Time

The front entry door must possess a variety of qualities to be worth your investment. It must be able to withstand the harsh elements from storms, strong winds, scorching sun and even blizzards. The quality of the build is an important factor with wood or wood veneer as the popular materials because of its elegance.

However, wood is prone to warping, delaminating and cracking throughout the years. Metal is not as reliable as well. Older steel doors can peel through time.

The good news is that technology gets better with every year. There are new front entry doors made of wood that can resist the elements. There are even doors made of fiberglass and metal that even look like wood.

Entry Door Damage Detection

Door replacement typically involves changing the actual door (called bark or slab). But you would not replace your door if the damage were tolerable. Thus there are times when you have to replace the framing of the front entry door. And this will include the threshold and doorjambs.

Wall studs where the door is nailed can settle out of the square and bow resulting in difficulty in closing and opening the door.

To fit a new door in an out-of-kilter frame, the edges need to be trimmed and the top and bottom should be planed. As an alternative, pre-hung can be the better choice.

Complementing the Theme

Most homes have an overall theme for their exterior construction and interior design. So when you will choose your front entry door, you need to make sure that it will match your design. The typical choices are sleek lines for contemporary style, ornate carving for a Victorian appeal and raised panels for a traditional look.

Pre-hung doors give way for a simplified installation because they are already framed and weather-stripped at the same time. Door replacement kits include frame inserts made of steel as well.

Taking precise measurements would be essential in choosing an appropriate front entry door for your home. Note that a standard single door measures between 32 to 36 inches wide. Extra wide doors can extend up to 42 inches wide. Higher ceilings will benefit with the use of 8-foot tall entry doors.

Wood denotes beauty and natural warmth. It may warp and crack through time but engineering technologies help infuse laminated construction and vapor barriers for added durability.

Steel is better for strengthened security. You have options among vinyl-clad steel, standard steel and heavy galvanized steel embossed with wood grain. The combination of steel and wood will do wonders for your front entry door because it will insulate five times more than its normal capacity.

For embellishments, glass door panels, sidelights and transoms are good choices. It even has patterns that are beveled, leaded and frosted for your preference. Solid bronze handles and locks are pleasing to the eye as well.

Don’t cringe if you have shell an extra amount for your front entry door of choice. This will be a worthy investment that will last for decades.