Bifold Garden Glass Doors: Style And Convenience


 Today's modern homes are a far cry from their cookie cutter counterparts. Homeowners are now keen in remodeling their houses. New homeowners on the other hand make sure that every penny is worth the mortgage. New designs such as bifold garden glass doors are now installed in modern homes to give a unique look and feel.

Doors have evolved completely since the Egyptian times. Apart from the development of its functions modern technology has also influenced its aesthetics. Automatic doors have emerged in commercial buildings along with the creation of locks and security systems.

Doors are made of different materials and placed in different parts of the house. Innovations in technology have enabled designers to use different materials. One of them is glass. They are commonly seen in French and Lanai Doors.

French and Lanai doors are installed in the exterior of the house overlooking a garden, or a yard. French doors are more popular than Lanai but they are more limited compared to the latter. Lanai doors have a bi-folding system which makes them more convenient and unique. Unlike French doors they are not opened the traditional way. Instead of swinging inward or outward, they can be opened from either side. One pair of glass doors fold to one side. Two pairs enable them to be folded to either side.

Bifold glass doors give the illusion of a bigger space while separating it and providing privacy. They are also much more versatile when being installed. The doors can be manufactured to fit any opening. They can be installed in both the interior and exterior of the house. You can have a wrap around bifold door not just in your house but also in storefronts and offices.

They give you a good view of the outdoors. They also let the light in and illuminate the place giving it a cozy atmosphere. They also give you a more unique style in your house. You don't have to worry about space or placement of furniture to make sure your doors open appropriately. French doors swing inward and outward which can be hindered by furniture.

These doors are fairly easy to install. They were originally used in closets but can now be installed anywhere in your house. They can be used in the pantry and in between rooms. Homeowners can choose between raised or flat panel bifold doors. Manufacturers also have custom glass designs that customers can choose from. The frame can be made of stainless steel or coated hardwood.

They can be a good alternative to French and sliding doors. It can give you the convenience of sliding doors and the style of French doors with more flexibility. If you want your house to have a different look you can opt for bifold glass doors.

Prices depend on the design and materials of the doors. Manufacturers add durability features such as insulation properties, and water resistance. Some are even designed and tested to withstand hurricanes and turbulent weathers. Prices can range from $400-$2000.

Bifold garden glass doors are great for homeowners who are looking for a space saving alternative which will also give a new look to their house. They bring the outdoors in and light up your interior. They maximize space and at the same time provide privacy and convenience.  You just have to make sure that the view is worth the installation.