The Best Toronto Door Buys


Doors come in all shapes and sizes, and the simple task of replacing or installing a new door can become overly complicated through the sheer amount of choices available to you. Should you be in the process of renovating, or building your new home in the Toronto area, this quick guide will lead you to the best buys in town, saving you some precious time. Check in with the suppliers for quotes and maybe even a few extra ideas.

This sliding door is available in a classic style that will suit most family homes. The added grills are especially great, since they will keep kids from running into closed doors. The design almost comes across like a French door, adding instant style to your home.

Toronto Door Buy 2: Welda Vinyl Patio Door

This patio door is beautifully made and has a contemporary look to it. This is a perfect fit for a busy family home, as vinyl is durable and low-maintenance. The upkeep is absolutely minimal and the doors are strong enough to take on those bustling kids any day. The design is very clean-cut and neat.

Toronto Door Buy 3: Welda Exterior Steel Door

A second door from this Toronto door supplier, the Exterior Steel Door is secure and highly durable. This is an excellent buy for a family home where security is a concern. The designs are beautiful and delicate, despite the strength in the door, so it will not take away from your home’s exterior design.

Toronto Door Buy 4: Moncada York Aluminum Storm Door

This Toronto door supplier has an extensive range of doors on hand, as well as custom options. The York Aluminum Storm Door is a great buy as it is available in a variety of enameled colors to suit your home’s style. They are design to offer both ventilation and insulation, depending on the weather conditions.

This design is sturdily built, and Moncada promises that the door requires next to no maintenance!

Toronto Door Buy 5: Aztech Doors And Windows Fiber Glass Doors

These fiberglass doors come in a variety of colors and styles, and the supplier promises that they are highly durable. What’s more, they will not warp and they can be stained in a wide variety of colors to suit your home.

Toronto Door Buy 6: Amberwood Doors B22 Double Entry Door

One of the very best Toronto door dealers is, without a doubt, Amberwood Doors Inc. Stunning craftsmanship with the very best of materials. Their doors are custom made, but they do have a catalogue of set door styles available.

Their B22 Double Entry Door is an absolute stunner. With this door, you will definitely be gaining the very best in workmanship and a classic front door that will always be in style. Not that this dealer is a bit more on the expensive side, but that you are paying for quality

The above guide should give you a good idea of some of the very best Toronto door buys on offer at the moment. Be sure to call your local store to check for availability. Some doors are also available in a variation of colors, so be assured that you will find a door that suits your style.

Some Toronto door dealers offer installation services, which can save you the trouble of installing and even transporting your new heavy front door. Just make sure that you are aware of the fees involved (especially if you are buying on a budget).

There are a great number of Toronto door dealers in the region, so shop around if the above ideas don’t get you going. Your local directory is a great starting point! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get quotes, these suppliers will be more than happy to provide advice and pricing guides.