Beautiful Bay Window Treatments For Summertime


When summertime arrives, it’s time to change out the heavy fabrics for something lighter and airier so the sun and warm breezes can filter through. That change doesn’t just apply to your wardrobe. It applies to your window treatments, too. Bay window treatments especially will need a face lift in the summer months so the full benefits of all that beautiful view and natural light can be enjoyed from dawn ‘til dusk.

Try the following ideas for fabrics, colors and styling to create your favorite bay window looks for summertime. A variety of affordable bay window treatments can be purchased at most home decorating retailers.

Sheer Bay Window Treatments

You can’t go wrong with sheer fabric drapery or curtain panels softly cascading down the frames of your home bay windows. Sheers are some of the most popular summertime bay window treatments and with good reason. They allow full sunlight to stream into your kitchen or living room and the ultra-light fabric doesn’t prevent the easy flow of a gentle breeze.

Bay window treatments using sheers can look elegant, romantic or even bohemian depending on the styling used. For an elegant look, hang white or cream sheers as bay window treatments, tying them back with silky ribbons in colors complimentary to the room décor. For a romantic look, use white, red or pink sheer panels with velvet or silk strips of fabric for tie backs. If an artsy or bohemian look is what you’re going for, bay window treatments using sheer panels in different colors would bring a bright and artistic look to the room while still letting lots of sunshine in.

In fact, if you use the same color in varying shades you could create a colorful ombre look on your bay windows, too. For example, create a blue ombre look by hanging sheer panels on one end of your bay window in light blues and then panels at several points between panes that get increasingly darker until the final sheer panel on the other end of your bay window is dark blue. Use at least 4-6 panels of your chosen shade gradation for a dramatic effect.

Valence Bay Window Treatments

Many home owners choose to simply hang beautiful valences as bay window treatments, in order to keep the view completely unobstructed all year long. For summertime valences on your bay windows, choose lighter fabrics like silk or cotton and let your imagination run wild for pretty summertime themes.

If you dream of spending your summer days in a cottage in the French countryside, hang valences with classic French toile designs in soft colors like sky, mint or buttercup. Wildflower fabric patterns are also perfect for this kind of countryside cottage theme, as well as perfect for summertime.

If you like a more minimalist look with less feminine design, hang valences in earth tones appropriate for summer themes. Solid colors like sand and stone create a beautiful summer look with elegant simplicity.

See if you can get complimentary throw pillows to match your summer bay window valences, to display on bay window seats.

Sparkle Lights And Tulle For Bay Windows

Bay window treatments don’t have to be just traditional curtain panels or shades. Get creative with a summery look for your bay windows by decorating them instead of covering them.

Take down the heavy drapes from winter and hang a string of sparkle lights wrapped in pretty tulle across the curtain rods. You can either drape the tulle-wrapped string of lights like a garland or wrap it many times around the rod and let it dangle to the floor on either side. White or clear sparkle lights are both elegant and playful, adding a shimmery element as the sun goes down. Remember to always unplug strings of lights from electrical outlets when unattended.

The Best Summery Bay Window Treatments

When choosing your summer bay window treatments, think about what’s most important to you. Do you want bay window treatments with full coverage but in light fabrics and colors? If so, hang some light curtain panels or roman shades. If you want bay window treatments that add a decorative element without blocking any sun, air flow or view, the best choices can include valences and pretty garlands.

Bay window treatments can be changed from season to season for fresh looks and more or less insulation. Dare to play with your favorite bay window treatments that will keep just the right amount of summer sun streaming through.