Awning Window Replacement: Keep Costs Low With These Installation Ideas


When you understand the material choices and the how installation methods of awning window replacement, you can save a great deal of money by being prepared.

Knowing which installation ideas are the best for you will depend on your budget and the condition of your original windows and frames. Be aware of your options and you’ll make wise choices that keep costs down as much as possible.

Do Your Awning Window Replacement Homework First

One of the biggest reasons people go over budget when doing their own awning window replacement is they don’t complete the proper research before getting started. If you don’t have one already, make a checklist of the important factors below when preparing for DIY window installation. Make sure to get all of your questions answered ahead of time about awning window replacement options and costs before making any final decisions.

  • Awning window manufacturer and model options – Have you compared the prices and guarantees of at least a handful of different companies?
  • Window materials – Are you aware of the cost differences between various window and window frame materials like vinyl, wood or metal? Do your homework about the type of glass used in awning windows and those material cost differences, as well.
  • Manufacturer and Retailer Specials – There might be certain times of the year when awning window replacement materials are more often on sale. A quick call to the companies you are considering buying from will let you know what specials are available or coming soon.
  • Consider Long-term Savings of Higher Cost Windows – Spending more money making sure your awning window replacement is done right and with high-quality materials could mean saving money in the long run. If the new window has a high-energy efficiency rating, you stand to save a substantial amount of money on cooling and heating bills for years to come.
  • Installation Methods – Certain installation methods cost less than others. Know what those methods are before deciding which are best for your home and your budget.

Full Frame vs. Insert Installation For Awning Window Replacement

There can be a substantial cost difference between a full frame awning window replacement and an insert installation. For a full frame installation, the window glass, frame, trim and any insulation is all removed and replaced. With an insert installation, the glass, jambs and hardware are removed but the original window frame remains in place.

As you would guess, the insert installation method is less expensive. Without the extra labor and material costs of replacing the original window frame, choosing insert installation for awning window replacement can save you money. This method is only ideal and cost effective if the original window frame is in great shape; not warped or damaged.

Check The Window Opening, Too

After the old window is removed – as well as the full frame inside and out, if you are doing a full frame awning window replacement – be sure to thoroughly check the window opening for damage.

If you see any signs of mold, water damage or rot you could have a big financial mess on your hands if you don’t have that damage repaired first. There’s no point in installing a new window in a moldy window opening. When in doubt, have an installation professional inspect the window opening before you proceed with the awning window replacement. The cost of an inspection will be cheaper than the cost of this damage being undetected and allowed to get worse.

Don’t Forget The Weatherproofing

Before you insert that new awning window, make sure you have installed weatherproofing material that will cut your energy costs and keep the frame water and airtight. Waterproof adhesive can be added to the windowsill very inexpensively and further increase your awning window replacement energy efficiency. Never keep old weatherproofing or insulation materials from the original window frame or window opening. Always replace them with fresh materials along with your new windows.

Reduce Costs With Increased Awareness

Awning window replacement can be a costly endeavor, but being prepared with all of your options ahead of time can definitely keep those costs from getting out of control. Be aware of all of your materials and installation options for awning window replacement before making the investment of your valuable money and time.