Are Bay Window Prices Worth The Home Improvement Investment?


For the home owner on a budget, bay window prices might seem too steep to make the investment when smaller and less expensive window styles are available. Yet in spite of those costly bay window prices, the beautiful design and other advantages of these stunning windows can make them hard to walk away from even when money is tight.

Are the bay window prices worth the investment for more than just the beauty of this design? Let’s examine the advantages and possible disadvantages to see if bay window prices are fair and will pay off in other ways throughout the life of your home.

Bay Window Beauty Cannot Be Denied

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t think the beauty of these designs isn’t worth the bay window prices.

In fact, bay window prices are certainly influenced by how beautiful these designs are considered to be by a large percentage of home owners overall. Bay windows are typically curved, with a fixed window in the middle and two or more windows angled in slightly from the first. Projecting outward from the wall, bay windows create an interior nook for extra seating or a rounded table. Their beauty comes from their size and their shape, as well as the amount of view and natural light bay windows provide.

Bay window prices might be higher than you initially want to pay, but the beauty of these windows does add to the resale value of your home. If you are thinking of resale value as you make home improvement investments, a bay window will be worth the price in the long run if you know you will want to impress potential buyers someday with this beautiful added feature in your home.

Great Construction And Installation Are Vital

If you’re looking to bring those bay window prices down considerably, the only way to really do that is to choose budget materials and construction, or to choose budget installation. It’s highly recommended that you don’t do either. No bay window price, no matter how low, is worth faulty construction and installation. Having a bay window at budget rates for any reason could end up being a huge disadvantage over time.

With bay windows, because they are so large, there are many ways they could be damaged from extreme temperatures, storms, water rot, mold, etc. if not made of very durable material like fiberglass or cladded frames. Bay window prices are worth it if you are investing in frames and glass that are well-constructed and well-insulated.

Bay windows installed improperly to cut costs are just as bad as poorly constructed windows, since drafts and water leaks will eventually corrode and crack your windows. So don’t cut corners when it comes to installation, either, or those bay window prices up front will end up growing into hefty window maintenance fees in order to correct and clean up the faulty installation mistakes.

Bay Window Energy Efficiency

One disadvantage of bay windows is that it’s harder to prevent lots of thermal transfer, due to their size. Even the best construction and installation with windows this large can still make your house less insulated.

To make the bay window prices worth your investment, make sure your bay windows have high Energy Star ratings and Low-E glass. Install bay windows on the side of your home where you’ll get the most sunshine streaming through during cooler times of day.

Extra insulation and best placement can make a big difference toward making bay window prices worth your home improvement costs.

Better Bay Window Prices

Though cutting costs drastically on bay windows isn’t recommended, due to the faulty construction or installation you could end up with, there are ways to pay less and have a worthy product. Watch for sales on top-quality brands or ask your window dealer if they are willing to negotiate to make the sale. If you are a credit card member of certain specialty home improvement stores, you can also get in on buy-now-pay-later deals with no interest charged.

Bay window prices don’t need to be at the highest end in order to be worth the home improvement investment. Always do some comparison shopping before making your final purchase.